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Final Reflections on my year in Indonesia

So, I’m home.  And I’ve been getting that question I knew would be waiting for me… “How was Indonesia?!” That three word question.  How to answer it? Great? Amazing?  Life changing? Crazy? Surreal? I wanted to wait a little while … Continue reading

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South Park Hijabs Gone Viral

Two weeks ago, I was in the canteen area of my school, IAIN, buying some avocado juice.  A lot of students were sitting there, eating their lunch.  I noticed one girl sitting with her friends and did a double take.  … Continue reading

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Beauty and Race in Indonesia

I would like to preface this post by saying this is my very limited perspective.  From the perspective of a white, female, middle-class American.  This is my blog, it contains my thoughts and attitudes about things.  I am sure other … Continue reading

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Visiting Aceh

Last week, I visited the Western most part of Indonesia—Aceh province.  My friend, Josh, is the Fellow who was placed in Banda Aceh (the capital of Aceh), and another Fellow, Jen, and I went up to do a two-day seminar/workshop … Continue reading

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Being Profesh

As many of my blogs are about my travels and trips and sometimes day-to-day annoyances/observations, I thought I’d talk a bit about my more professional moments. (With a few asides). Here, at my school—IAIN (Insitut Agama Islam Negeri- State Institute … Continue reading

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Embracing the “HELLO MISTER!”s

I was reflecting with my friends Tabitha and Holly while recently in Yogyakarta, about how blogs about all our incredible trips and experiences having fun by beaches are not nearly as interesting to folks back home as the random, day-to-day … Continue reading

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Gallivanting round the Gilis

Following Bali, Holly and I parted ways with Autumn, and caught a ferry to the Gili Islands.   The Gilis are these beautiful little islands off the coast of Lombok—there are 3 main ones; Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. … Continue reading

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