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  1. Rod Guy says:

    It has been a tremendous joy to read and muse your incisive accounts of life in Indonesia. The detailed observations and the emotions you have conveyed tick all the boxes for me. To have done all you did, picking up so comprehensively and accurately on the essences of Indonesian life, in such a short time speaks immensely about your capacity for sensing and feeling. Thank you for your crafted words that perfectly describe Indonesian life the way it really is.
    You managed to sprinkle your humour throughout in balance with what is potentially overwhelming sadness one feels for others who are suffering so much even though they happily go through life because they know nothing different.
    This is not a report card, but for the things you missed and the dislocation you described as a traveller entering a substantially foreign world, you have picked out exactly how it is. You get an “A+”.
    Your choice of word and phrase throughout kept me spellbound and envious of your talent to write. Well done girl, and thank you.
    FYI I am an expat from Australia currently working in Kendari.

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